Warcry – Ignite Weapon Math

Warcry Vulkyn Flamseekers
Warcry Vulkyn Flamseekers

The goal here is to look at the ability Ignite Weapons and work out when we should be using it.

Screenshot 2023 10 16 At 23.12.22

Not everyone does, but I always like to work out the averages for each attack against T3, T4, and T5. That’s because I consider T4 the baseline, so T3 and under is squishy and T5 and up is tough as nails.

These are the numbers for a single attack.

Single Attack

Screenshot 2023 10 19 At 18.52.05

Then this is the bonus you get from Ignite Weapon. It’s only for a single attack.

Single Attack bonus from Ignite Weapon

Screenshot 2023 10 19 At 18.52.11

Onslaught only works with melee attacks, so the ranged attacks don’t get the option. In basically every case the Ignite Weapons is better.

Single Attack bonus from Onslaught

Screenshot 2023 10 19 At 18.52.16

Of course, Onslaught works for two weapons, so the below just doubles the numbers.

Double Attack Bonus from Onslaught

Screenshot 2023 10 19 At 18.52.19

Comparing them, the general rule is if you’re against T3 and have two actions then Onslaught is better, unless you have the Runefather with Bokaz in which case Ignite Weapon is always better.

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