Killteam – Inquisition Assembly Guide

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The idea of this channel has always been to help people put together a fun game from one of the many GW skirmish games. We’ve seen a lot of cool releases for Kill Team but I think perhaps one of the most wished for has always been the Inquisition warband.

You might have read Eisenhorn or one of the other fantastic Inquisition Black Library books. Maybe you played one of the various pen and paper roleplay games; whether that was Dark Heresy, Wrath and Glory, or the recently released Imperium Maledictum. Perhaps you’re a veteran who played the old Inquisitor 54mm miniatures game or the fan supported 28mm version that’s still going. Whatever the reason, the Inquisition have been a fan favourite. So it was a real shame when they finally came out in Ashes of Faith but almost immediately sold out so most people couldn’t get their hands on them.

Luckily, as of last weekend the warband box has finally hit the shelves and you can finally pick them up if you missed out. The box is a little price I’ll admit, it’s 55 dollars for 7 models compared to the 60 for the typical 10 or 11 in other kill teams.

We also have the classic kill team quandry of having more models on the roster than we do in the box. So we’d like to build all 11 of the options but we can only build 7. Out of this box 2 the servo skull and the scribe can only be build one way. The Servitor is a is straightforward but has 3 different weapon options. Each of the remaining 8 are based off 4 bodies.

So we have to pick which of the operatives we’re going to build. What I think is kind of unique for this warband is they don’t really have a cohesive style so you could sub in any other model and you’ll keep the vibe of the rag tag band of heroes. Of particular interest for us, the arms are all straight attachments to the shoulder.

And here is the special sauce for the inquisition warband. The Hive Scum box for Necromunda is a single sprue with 4 bodies and a bunch of heads and arms which are straight attachments at the shoulder. So in this article, I’m going to use these 2 kits to get the full range of options.

Lets look at some operatives.

First up we have the Interrogator and the Enlightener. You must have an Interrogator, so this is going to be the model we build straight from the box. If we wanted to make a custom fit, we’d just need an Autopistol and a Book and we’d be good to go. The Enlightener is similar in that the blades are the distinguishing feature. The abilities are No Escape and the Blades have Cripple both of which are just about cutting up the target, so you could happily sub in any model with knives.

I’m not too much of a fan of the Enlightener model I have to admit, the key part for this model is the two blades. I’ve also seen some teams using Slaneeshy demons with blades or if you can find them one of the old Death Cult Assassins.

Next up the Autosavant Agent and the Tome-Skull. these are perfect as is and only build the one model. Weirdly the Autosavant does have two options for the head. If you did get two boxes I guess you could make them different but it’s such a distinctive model and pose that it might look a bit weird. The Tome-Skull is perfect and you can only have one in your Kill Team anyway.

Not much to see here, just some book nerds living their best lives / deaths.

For the Gun Servitor we have 3 different weapons which I’ve failed to include in the images. It’s a Plasma Cannon, Heavy Bolter, or Multi-Melta. For this we want Magnets. You can see it better in the video but the back half of the weapon is separate to the front. If you place the magnet into the back part before you glue it together then drill into the front part you’ll get a nice magnet contact point and will be able to switch between the 3 options as needed.

This is peak performance.

This one hurt, I love both of these sculpts and it was a bit rough having to pick one or the other. In the end I went with the original Death World Veteran model as it’s a classic version of an Inquistitor model.

For the Penal Legionnaire I used the body of one the Necromunda Cultists and it worked out pretty well. If I was doing it again I think I would try hold onto the body from the Penal Legionnaire. It’s a front body section, so it would require some work but as the Hive Scum bodies are similar you definitely could fit a front and a back and green stuff the gaps. In this case I’d already picked out this stance as many of the others are running but I didn’t like this body for doing the conversion.

Note that the heads of the Inqustion models in here have a very deep neck. I think in this case I should have cut a bit more off. It will also mean if you want to use another head for an inquisition model like I did for the leader then you will need to greenstuff into the socket.

Another easy pick, the Pistolier Agent looks awesome the Questkeeper looks kind of meh. I don’t mean to throw shade on the designers, I think it’s pretty clear they had cram two distinct models into one body for this, so models like the Questkeeper which I don’t like are paired with an awesome model I do like.

The pistols are quite small so when I tried drilling barrels it was a bit rough. I would recommend not and just going for a spot of black instead.

As much as I don’t like the Questkeeper, I do love the Eviserator. This is a fantastic bit of kit. I suspect I won’t actually use this body but will use a Sister of Battle with an Eviserator instead. I did want to make this guy to finish out the project but it might be something to save for a cool conversion elsewhere.

Another easy pic, the Mystic is gorgeous the Hexorcist just a little weird. Again another case where you could easily proxy other options in. There are a few icon wielding sisters models that could work and the Cursed City priest does have a similar vipe. The hexorcist on the other hand is just a guy with a shotgun. I think that’s just a shell in his teeth so anything crazy would fit. One of the Necromunda Redemptionists would work particularly well and might already fit the bill without any conversion.

The fur around the shoulders ended up being very cool. I did a lot of cutting to get it to fit but largely it just wrapped around so it could probably go on any model. I stayed with the head just because. He’s certainly ticking that crazy look which I guess is what we were going for.

I really love this kit but I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to use them. I’m a good way behind on my Kill Team games and already have a bundle of teams I’ve yet to play with. These models could easily fit into Necromunda games which makes them a nice option, especially as they make for some cool narrative options.

I do have the Ashes of Faith campaign which could be enjoyable but honestly this box feels like classic Rogue Trader old school 40k fun. There are a number of options out there for skirmish 40k that might be worth trying. There is Grimdark future Firefight from One Page Rules, Stargrave from Opsrey Games, and Inquisitor 28mm which can be found online. This would also let me pull out some of those other cool models that I’ve collected over the years that wouldn’t necessarily fit into a Killteam game but could make an appearance for a more flexible skirmish game.

This is a weird warband as it doesn’t really have a single theme, so you could sub in any models and it’ll still keep the look and feel of a rag-tag band of agents. I pulled out these two models as options from the sisters sprues, so this is an Questkeeper with Eviserator and a Enlightener with some slightly longer blades than normal. These are both very in keeping with the classic 54mm scale Inquisitor game so I think they’ll fit in well. I might try sneak in red black and gold into all the fighters to get them to match a little bit but really they’ll be their own unique peice.

Right now they’re all assembled and in a box ready to be painted, but I suspect I’ll be working through them slowly. There’s so much character with these models that I wouldn’t have been surprised if any one of them had been released as a limited edition event only exclusive or whatever. So there’s a real temptation to try take my time and do a good job on each.

Note: If you’re interested in the cards I use for my operatives you can make them here There are already completed pngs along with json files you can load into the card creator here:

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