Should you buy Leviathan?

Leviathan Cover

Right now, we’re in a calm before the storm that is the release of the 10th edition of Warhammer 40,000 (40k). Games Workshop’s factories and hype machine are currently focused on the new Leviathan box set, which is set to have preorders on Saturday the 10th of June.

Normally, I focus on the Warhammer skirmish games, but this is something I’ve been thinking about for myself. There’s going to be a big push to sell you the Leviathan box, and I’m not here to definitively tell you whether you should or should not pick up this box. That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. However, I will ask you some questions that will hopefully help you make the right decision.

This is the box. It’s absolutely packed with 72 models in total, mostly Tyranids. You’ll also receive a special edition of the new 40k rulebook, which, in addition to everything in the normal rulebook, will include the Crusade Expansion for the Tyrannic War. Lastly, you’ll get a mission deck, which is a way to generate random missions.

Rumors about the price come from the small print of a competition at Warhammer Fest, where you could win a Leviathan box when it eventually comes out. So, we’re expecting this to be priced at 150 pounds, 230 US dollars, 185 Euros, and 4 hundred and 20 million Aussie Dollary-doos. My sympathies to the antipodes.

This purchase checklist is from my Hype versus Hobby video. We’ll look at these in a bit more detail, but the broad questions are:

  • Is this the right purchase?
  • Do I want to paint this?
  • Will I get to play this?
  • Do I have the time?

The first question about whether this is the right purchase or not is probably the trickiest. A lot of that will depend on whether you’re a new player or not. If you’re completely new to the hobby, I’d suggest checking out some of the smaller games like Kill Team or Warcry first. If you’re already in the hobby but new to 40k, then it’s a good deal, especially if you like the look of the factions. However, you need to be aware of what you’re getting. This isn’t just a game in a box; it’s a massive hobby project that may have a game at the end. If you’re planning on playing at home, you should also consider getting some scenery and the necessary hobby materials to make it all look good.

If you already have a Space Marine army, then this box gets you lots of new miniatures. However, if you’re like me, you still have Indomitus and maybe even a few Dark Imperium models to finish. The Space Marine model range is already well supported, so while these are some great new models, especially those terminators, you already had plenty to pick from. So while Leviathan is a good value, you need to ask yourself whether you’d be better off just picking up the rulebook and working on the models you already have.

On the other hand, if you’re a Tyranid player, you’ve been waiting over a decade for new models, and in many cases, two decades for some model updates. Enjoy the moment. Not only is this a great deal for what you get, but you can also sell off the other models to the masses of Space Marine players.

The next question is whether you’re willing to paint these models. Often, the GW hype machine sells us the studio-painted model in our heads, but we end up with the plastic kit in our hands. It seems obvious at face value, but it’s important to acknowledge that to get the models looking as great as they do on the box, you’re going to have to paint them yourself.

This might be a good time to work out a paint scheme, especially one that’s relatively quick to complete. There are a good number of models in this box, even if you’re only interested in one side. But you can absolutely get them onto the table and looking good if you put in the work. Alternatively, if you’re fine with playing with unpainted models, then go for it.

If you’re looking to actually play the game, though, you’re going to need a little bit more than just this box. The best-case scenario is if you have an accomplice willing to play the other faction. If you’re lucky enough to have a local store where people play, it’s likely stores will be running the Combat Patrol format at the launch, but games will eventually settle into a larger format. So expect to be spending more.


If you don’t have a local store or friends who are interested in playing, this box can still be a great purchase, but you have to accept that you might never get to play. If you’re okay with that, then push on.


The last question we have is whether you have the time. Although the end goal of having fun at the game table is alluring, there’s only so much time in the day. Not only do we have to make time for hobbies, but we also have to decide which hobby comes first.

Sometimes that means dropping projects to make room, and Leviathan, with over 70 models, is a big project. Similarly, if we’re planning on playing some 40k, that means we’re not playing Warcry, Kill Team, or some other game.

There is a lot of hype around the Leviathan box, with some people wondering whether it will sell out straight away despite the massive amount of boxes GW claim to have.

Without a doubt, the Leviathan box is a fantastic deal. You get significant savings when you compare the price to getting the kits individually. The value is so good that I’m pretty sure you still get a discount even if you’re only interested in one of the armies. However, if you’re not going to paint or play at least one army, then it’s probably a waste of money. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t necessarily get it. It’s absolutely fine to just be happy that you have the box on your shelves even if you never open it, but it’s important that we are honest with ourselves. We want to avoid getting ourselves excited about something that just isn’t realistic.

How about you? Are you planning on picking up this box and did anything in this video change your mind? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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