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The Necromunda card creator is intended to make it as easy as possible to create some good looking proxy cards for Necromunda. Lots of people already have been mocking them up using photoshop, but this takes out a lot of the hassle.

Although most people think of Tactic Cards, they can be just about anything, like the Cinderak Burning campaign resource Sympathiser above, or the Photo Goggles equipment below.

Cards are super handy because they’re easy to access info right there at your finger tips and they’re also great when you need to randomise something. You can just shuffle and draw one at random.

Using the tool is super easy, just type out the text in the three sections and it’ll format it as you type. The Card Name and Footer are both single lines, but the Body Text is multiple lines. If you paste a big line of text it will automatically wrap, but you can add returns to space it out a little better.

In the Body Text, if you add two asterisk (**) at the start of a sentence, then that line will be bold and red and the asterisks won’t appear in it. This is handy if you want to have sub headings.

Lastly, you can pick one of the Logos to make the card a little more interesting or declare your allegiance. It will appear faded in the background bottom right.

Once you’ve got your card read, I’d recommend hitting the ‘Save card as file’ button, this will download a json text file which you can upload later to restore the card. This is handy for when you release an hour later that you made a mistake, so you can just load the card up again rather than starting from scratch.

Once you’re happy with the card, press the ‘Save card as image’ button and it will download as a png. I normally save these into a word document and set them to the size I want to print. The Necromunda cards are in ‘Tarot’ size format 75 x 110 mm, but you might find it easier to use Magic the Gathering size cards 63 x 88 mm as getting sleeves for them is handier.

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