Warcry Card Creator

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Warcry Card Creator

Games Workshop were generous enough to give us the new Fighter Profiles for the updated version of Warcry, but that still left all our old cards out of date. Those of us interested in continuing to use the cards, can use the Warcry Card Creator which can be found here.

Fighter Cards

The first tab has fighter cards, where you can add in all the various characteristics. Fighter images can be taken from the GW website for the fancy painted miniatures, or you can take a picture of your own miniature so you will know exactly which one it is. Take the picture against a piece of paper and use the website remove.bg to get rid of the background.

As a bonus you can even name your own fighters. If you like having your fighters in the same deployment group every time, you can even add that onto the card. For a Monster that has different characteristics, we recommend setting the characteristics to 0 which will make them appear as *. Then use the item cards below as a reference.




Using the abilities tab, get all your warbands abilities together on one page. The default has six abilities like the original cards, but you can tick the extra seventh ability to add in an extra ability so you can include your new Reaction.

The title will be in bold text followed by the ability text. Text will automatically adjust and word wrap but you can add returns and spaces to adjust to preference.


There can be a lot of things to keep track of during a campaign of Warcry. To help with this we have these object cards. These are half the size of a fighter card and can sit beside them or with them in a sleeve between games. We’ve been using these for injuries, magic items, and heroic traits.

You can upload an image which can either sit on top like with the fighter card, maybe a picture of a potion. If you do this make sure to move the text around using spaces. Alternatively, you can use one of the white or black icons and alter the opacity to fate it into the background. For this you can use the runemarks which can be found here or look for random icons online.

All cards can be saved as json file and uploaded again later. Once you’re happy, you can save them as an image. Then load them into your favourite page problem, adjust the size to whatever you want and go print.

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